Celebrating another year of life and sharing the joy with loved ones is a precious moment. Celebrating every milestone you ever hit and all the process that you’ve been through by hosting a birthday party is a great idea. An outdoor garden party is a perfect choice. Our client has chosen an outdoor venue for her birthday party at Kelating Villa. A garden party with beautiful green grass. Accompanied by lively music and beautiful songs from Kahitna as a special guest star for the special day. The guest were delighted to reconnect with their favorite people and reminisce about the past.

As a Bali event vendor we have completed the event needs with our best quality production to enhance the party. We support the party with our sound system, lighting, band equipment, truss and acrylic stairs to make a great stage.

We added futuristic touch to the party with our LED production like cocktail table, bar, ball and DJ booth. Our torch made the atmosphere warmer and more intimate. We also give elegant touch to the decoration with our acrylic floating stage and acrylic stairs. The guest gladly dance the night away with our checkered dance floor. We ensure our client has everything they needed for the special day. 

Please kindly check our production gallery for this event below:

  • Sound system
  • Truss
  • Lighting
  • LED Cocktail Table
  • Acrylic Floating Stage
  • Red Rope Barrier
  • LED Bar
  • LED DJ Booth
  • Acrylic Stairs
  • Checkered Dance Floor
  • Band equipment
  • LED Ball
  • Torch
  • Grass Wall divider + Decoration

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