Gardens are naturally beautiful and tend to always have a romantic atmosphere for wedding reception. Garden weddings surely give more relaxed feel and they can still be glamorous with endless styling opportunities. Garden is one of favorite wedding venue in Bali. Our client throw a garden party for their wedding ceremony and reception with chic and glamorous ambience yet down to earth atmosphere at the same time.

As a Bali event vendor, we help our clients to enjoy the convenience of hosting their wedding party with our professional services and high quality productions. We provided transparent tents at August 5th 2017 in Villa Shaya to ensure the guest were protected from unpredictable weather yet showcasing the scenery around it. As a Bali wedding vendor our tiffany chair gave chic touch and comfortable seat for the guest. We gave glamorous and sparkly ambience with our fairy lights and phyrotechnics. We added extra glow for the night with our LED ball. Lively ambiance at the party is supported by our white dance floor, sound system, standing and DJ equipment to ensure all guests dance freely throughout the night. We help our client to create an exquisite setting for their special day.

Please kindly check our production gallery for this event below:

  • LED Ball
  • Phyrotechnics
  • White Dance Floor
  • Fairylights Installation
  • Transparent Tent
  • Tiffany Chair
  • Sound System
  • Lighting
  • DJ Equipment
  • Standing Fan

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