Sinarmas in collaboration with Bank Bukopin launched a new investment product called Bancassurance. Sinarmas and Bank Bukopin are large companies in Indonesia. Bancassurance is a financial products that provide multiple for their customer. A profitable collaboration between bank products and insurance in innovating and marketing their products.

We are proud to be chosen by Sinarmas as their event production in Bali for the second time. Sinarmas held a ceremonial and workshop event for their partners in insurance industry at Ayana Ballroom. Our team with expert knowledge help to provide all the necessary items for the event. We also provided hands-on technical service to ensure the plan went as planned. We provided Sinarmas and Bank Bukopin corporate event with backdrop, screen, stage, sound system, lighting and audio visual production. As Bali event vendor, Alpatra Production values customer satisfaction, so we ensure to provide the best service with our high quality products based on the needs of our clients. 

Please kindly check our production gallery for this event below:

  • Backdrop Production
  • Screen
  • Stage Production
  • Sound System and Lighting
  • Audio Visual Production

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