Chinese New Year remains most important holiday in Asian heritage. Often celebrated with big family or community gathering. The celebration is focused on wishing for good luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity for the new year and also celebrating the arrival of spring. So throwing a festive party is a perfect way to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Traditional Chinese New Year decoration is dominated with red with touch of gold. While red symbolizes power, happiness and vitality, gold represents wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Chinese New Year party is a colorful and vibrant celebration.

Our clients has thrown a vibrant CNY party in a such fun way while still respecting the tradition. They chose Char Char Bar and Grill as venue. Char Char Bar and Grill is one of the best restaurant that influenced by pan-asian culture and geometrys.  Char Char Bar and Grill is located in the heart of Seminyak and the hottest hangout spot in Bali right now, so it is a perfect place to throw a CNY party.

As Bali Event vendor, we help our client to decorated the restaurant with vibrant red color and hints of gold. We created pagoda, wall decoration, flooring and green window special for the party. Everything is customized! We ensure to create the best production based on their special request. We also provide essential needs for the party such as lighting and sound system. As Bali event vendor, we ensure to give the best production and services to to realized our client’s vision into reality.

Please kindly check our production for the event below :

  • Chinese customized decoration
  • Sound system,
  • Lighting
  • Pagoda decoration
  • Wall decoration
  • Customized green window
  • Flooring

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