As Bali event vendor, Alpatra Production not only serves parties but also corporate events. We ensure our services add a new level of convenience for those hosting corporate events such as meeting, gathering and award nights. We provide productions that can fulfill the event’ needs and our client’ plans. We deliver exceptional quality results in order to support your corporate events. 

PT Bank Mandiri Tbk is Indonesia’s second-largest financial institution. Bank Mandiri offers products and services for businesses and individuals. The company also serves international clients with subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Shanghai, and the Cayman Islands. In 2018 they held Risk Management and Comliance Meeting and trusted Alpatra Production to be their event vendor. As Bali event vendor, our passion and strength is creating effective and successful event experiences for our clients to meet their needs and plans.

In this event, they choose such a catchy and groovy ambiance for their meeting. We enhance the atmosphere with our LED production such us dance floor, coffee table, cocktail table and also we added decorative accent with our checkered flooring. We also provide essential need like stage production and backdrop. We gave sense of comfort through our ottoman. It is our job to ensure our clients get everything they need for the event. Our staffs are all committed to delivering friendly, professional service and the special attention to detail that you and your organization expects

Please kindly check our production for this event below :

  • Stage, Backdrop, LED Dance Floor, ottoman, LED Coffee table, Barstool, LED Cocktail table, Black and White Dance Floor, Checkered Flooring

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