Throwing a party on birthday is a great opportunity to gather with your favorite people. Recalling every meaningful moment in your life and every milestone that you have passed. A moment to thank yourself  for surviving and growing. A momentous occasion to be thankful for every accomplishment and appreciating people who have been supporting you until this point. Let your favorite people celebrate and congratulate you with joy on your special day.

Choosing the perfect venue for your special moment is important and Bali has an endless choice. A venue with a tropical and relaxing ambiance combined with a panoramic view of Indian Ocean is all time favorite and Ombak Suwung is one on the list. On top of that, Ombak Suwung is located in Canggu, the hottest area in Bali. Combining the luxury of a world-class resort with the relaxation ambiance and  absolute privacy with exotic embellishments characteristic of Balinese design.

Our client has chosen a simple decoration for their intimate birthday party at the Garden with an endless ocean view and amazing sunset. Relaxing atmosphere for the momentous day with casual seating arrangement.  As Bali event vendor, we ensure our clients have everything they needed. We supported the essential needs of the party and we added a perfect glow with our lighting installation. We complete the party with DJ equipment and our dance floor. Hopefully, we turned the special moment into a memorable one.

Please kindly check our production for the party below :

  • Sound and lighting, bulbs installation, fairylight installation, dance floor, DJ equipment

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