Samsung held a party in the most fun and swanky way. Hosted at the hottest day club in Uluwatu, Omnia. The glamorous venue perched on the cliff of the Bukit Peninsula, 100 menters above the stunning Indian Ocean. A branch of the world-renowned club in Las Vegas under the same name. An all day party destination where you can party, chill out and dine at the same time. The trendiest day club in Bali. The image of Omnia goes really well with brand image of Samsung. 

Innovative, creative, bold and trendy, the party showed all of these images of Samsung. A party is a perfect way to networking without being awkward, bonding and appreciating the team or the guest. They celebrated the moment in such a cool way using our LED production teamed up with glamorous venue and facilities at Omnia Bali. Our LED square ottoman and coffee table not only completed the necessities of the party but also glam up the party in a unique way. Lighting is important to  set the mood beside the function  and our LED production enhanced the fun of the special moment..

As Bali event vendor we are delighted to be part of the celebration. We give our best services with enthusiastic attitude to help our client. We believe a successful event require a good team work with the same level enthusiasm and positive energy.

Please kindly check our production for the event above: LED Square ottoman, LED Coffee Table

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