Transform your corporate event into an amusing event with our LED production. LED is becoming more popular and it offers greater opportunities to explore ideas for your event. The right lighting can enhance the atmosphere. We’ve turned our client’s corporate event into an outstanding one with our LED production combined perfectly with the stunning venue at Puri Bhagawan. 

Puri Bhagawan is the most impressive venue in Bali with manicured verdant gardens. With the view over the ocean, a perfect spot to watching the sunset over the waves offers an unforgettable experience. Puri Bhagawan offers breathtaking view and experience to impress the guest. Puri Bhagawan known as a blank canvas, so you are free to explore ideas for your event. 

Our LED production added futuristic touch within the natural beauty of the venue. We added extra fun for the event with our LED DJ booth. DJ entertainment has created a relaxing and enjoyable social environment for the guest. As Bali event vendor we wanted to elevate the corporate event into an exceptional one with our production. We ensure the guests have everlasting memories and the host have a convenient experience.

Please kindly check our production for the event below :

  • LED Ball, LED coffee table, LED DJ Booth, LED square chair, LED long chair

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