Want to make your wedding ceremony simple, elegant and classy? Steal our client’s idea, using our production that will kick off your celebration right. Everything was in balance. From the abundance of fresh florals and greens on the arch to the white seating teamed with our acrylic floating stage, the ceremony was a true depiction of monochromatic beauty. Elegant and stylish.

Held at a magnificent venue perched on a cliff beside a spectacular view of Indian ocean, mountains and rice fields known as Kembang Desa Villa. Located on Bali’s west coast in Tabanan regency offer natural beauty of Bali along with sunset and sunrise view. The property has direct access to the beach, Madewi and Balian beach, which offer the longest point breaks in Bali. Kembang Desa not only a dream venue for weddings but also for events and yoga retreats. Kembang Desa offer relaxing and magnificent environment which is perfect for nature lovers.

As Bali event vendor, Alpatra Production supported our client to find the right production to realize their vision into reality. We ensure our production matched up with the natural and magnificent beauty of the venue. We’ve supported the essential needs of the event such as sound system and lighting. We also added extra fun with our dance floor. We warmed up the ambiance with our fairy light. Our acrylic floating stage supported the elegant and dreamy grand entrance for their special day. We ensure our production made their special day into a memorable one.

Please kindly check our production for the event below :

  • Sound system, lighting, Acrylic floating stage, light bulb structure, dance floor, fairylight on trees, festoon light installation

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