A wedding ceremony with relaxed atmosphere was held at a lavish garden with private pool and beautiful beach as backdrop. A comfortable setting was set for the couple and the guest. Effortless decoration with greenery and fairy lights that warmed up the ambience. The elegant casual wedding ceremony is a thing of beauty where everyone is relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

Our client such a laid back couple who are care free and has unique taste. They found perfect balance between understated elegance and fun in their wedding ceremony. They have chosen simple and chic decoration for their wedding ceremony. Simple greenery arch decoration to sparkly fairy lights for the special day.  Effortless decoration but still memorable and warm. 

As Bali event vendor we ensure to help our client, bring their vision to life. We provide the essential needs of the event and stick with the plan while giving our best advice for the event. We provided sound and lighting system for their special day. We added extra spark to the event with bulbs installation on ceremony arch and fairy lights over the wedding  venue. We added extra fun with our DJ equipment.  We ensure that our professional team give our client the convenient experience to host their event.

Planning to have similar wedding ceremony?  You can steal the idea! Please check our production for the event below :

  • Bulbs installation on ceremony arch, sound and lighting system, fairylight installation, DJ equipment

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