Indoor wedding venues will provide a higher level of comfort both for you and your guest. You don’t have to worry about the weather and the wind. You can be certain rain won’t put a damper on your day. You have endless option to personalized your decoration. Indoor wedding venues provide you with the utmost convenience in hosting an event.

Our client has chosen to host their wedding ceremony indoor at Hongkong Garden. It is a luxurious indoor wedding with blush floral and garden aesthetic. They have blooms and petals decoration all over the spaces dominated with white and sheer of colorful pastel color. Flowers on the ceiling and scattered throughout the wedding aisle. The atmosphere was romantic and luxurious. Their floral fantasy wedding decoration has turned into reality.

As Bali event vendor, we provide our client with acrylic stage as their magical wedding aisle where they walked down as a love birds and exchanged their vows. We added extra glow with fairy lights inside the stage. We added romantic and elegant touch with artificial flowers along the wedding aisle. We ensure our production turned their special day into a magical one.

Scroll down to see our production on the special day :

  • Acrylic stage with flowers
  • Fairylights installation inside acrylic stafe

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