If you’re planning a casual wedding, garden wedding is always a great idea.  You can create the balance between relaxed, sophisticated and fun. There’s just something so timeless and pretty about garden wedding celebration. In fact, casual wedding celebrations are just as beautiful as formal wedding celebrations.

The decoration for our client wedding reception was simple yet still stylish dominated with white color and simple arrangement. The lavish garden at Arnalaya already gave gorgeous look for their big day. Fresh floral with simple arrangement decorated the cozy long table. It’s seriously conducive to a stress-free, a lighthearted wedding.

As Bali event vendor, we light up the venue with sparkly light strings as the ceiling, transformed the lavish garden into a truly romantic secret garden. We added extra glow in a sophisticated and fun way with our LED production like bar and cocktail table. We provided the event with sound system, big screen and projector to perfectly complete the event needs. We ensure our service and products turned the special day into a memorable one.

Regardless of your budget or what kind of celebration you are planning, we are delightful to be part of it.  Steal their ideas if your are planning to have a stress-free and casual wedding!

Here’s some picture of their special day and our production :

  • Sound system , Lighting, Festoon light installation, LED bar, LED Cocktail table , Screen and projector

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