The intense tropical  vibes in Bali is the perfect place to have any kind of party. Celebrating birthday in your adulthood by throwing a party is a nice way to appreciate life. Celebrate your birthday in style to create a perfect festive party that will be memorable for you and your guest. Steal our client’s birthday party ideas!

Our client was very enthusiastic in planning and realizing his birthday party dream. Age is just a number, but you can always have fun in the most impressive way! Our client has chosen a nautical theme for his birthday celebration. A festive garden party with a party was held in a private villa, Atas Ombak. With beautiful lavish garden overlooking the ocean and beautiful Bali’s sky. The party was amusing with vibrant decoration. Our client sure knew how to enjoy their special day.

As Bali event vendoor we installed bunch of paper lantern light in white and orange color to light up the beautiful garden and complete the look. We also added extra spark with fairy lights on the trees. Our LED production like LED Ball and cocktail table added glamorous and stylish touch to the venue. And we also supported the essential need of the party with our sound system.

Scroll down to see our production for the festive nautical birthday party!

  • Sound system , Lighting, Lantern light installation, LED Ball, LED cocktail table, fairylight on trees

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