BUGATTI is a legendary brand in the world of super sports cars. A brand that combines an artistic approach with superior technical innovation in fascinating ways for more than 100 years. Bugatti proved as the most powerful and exclusive super sports cars that shows true form of luxury.

BUGATTI has chosen Alpatra Bali to be the event vendor for their Car Show in Bali at Fins. We are delightful to be part of their journey in Bali. It’s such an honor for us to helped them to realized their plan.

As Bali event vendor we made customized production for the car show. We created customized ramp based on their needs. We also created customized stage for the luxurious and powerful super sports cars. We also provided the show with white fence to complete the look.

Regardless of your plan or what kind of event or style you are planning, we are delightful to be part of it. And we will ensure to provide you with the utmost convenience in hosting an event.

Scroll down to see our works for the event :

  • Customized ramp for Bugatti, customized stage for Bugatti, white fence

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