Frisian Flag is one of the biggest dairy company in Indonesia. Frisian Flag provides Indonesian consumers of all ages with high-quality dairy products for more than 95 years. Frisian Flag has remained committed to helping Indonesian children achieve their potential through products with the best in available nutrition. 

To reach their vision and stick to their value, Frisian flag sure knows how to re-energizing and reconnecting their staffs in an amusing and fun way. A party with relaxing and vibrant ambiance for their team was held, between the performers, activities, and out-of-the-box decoration. The party was held outdoors in a beautiful tropical garden. They has chosen a museum theme for the party to reminiscing their journey. An amusing and nostalgic party!

It is such a memorable experience for Alpatra Bali to be part of Frisian Flag’s event. As Bali event Vendor we ensure our production to complete our client’s needs and help them to realize their plan come to life. We provide the essential needs of the event like sound system and lighting. We customized the tent to looked like a museum. We also complete the look and the needs with our LED bar, curve and cocktail table which also added futuristic vibe for their party. We brought comfort with our standing ar cooler and ottoman.

Scroll down to see how amusing their party was!

  • Sound system, Lighting, tent for customized museum, Built temporary museum ( digital printing wall, digital printing flooring, TV, LED curve, Transparent rigging tent, customized island stage, LED bar, customized green wall divider, long ottoman, LED cocktail table, Standing Air cooler 

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