Festive Nautical Birthday Party at Atas Ombak

The intense tropical  vibes in Bali is the perfect place to have any kind of party. Celebrating birthday in your adulthood by throwing a party is a nice way to appreciate life. Celebrate your birthday in style to create a perfect festive party that will be memorable for you and your guest. Steal our client’s […]

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Intimate Garden Wedding At Villa Kalyani Bali

Planning to have an intimate garden wedding? Here’s some ideas from our client’s wedding celebration. The wedding celebration was held at a luxurious private villa in Canggu. Villa Kalyani has so many relaxation areas, both indoors and out, that guests are spoiled for choice, the possibility are endless. And more importantly, the villa itself already […]

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Stylish Laid Back Wedding Reception At Arnalaya Beach House Bali

If you’re planning a casual wedding, garden wedding is always a great idea.  You can create the balance between relaxed, sophisticated and fun. There’s just something so timeless and pretty about garden wedding celebration. In fact, casual wedding celebrations are just as beautiful as formal wedding celebrations. The decoration for our client wedding reception was simple yet […]

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Earthy and Glamorous Garden Wedding of Anggun C. Sasmi At Omah Padi Villa

Bali is the most favorite wedding destination for lovely couple from all over the globe. Bali has intense tropical vibe. And a garden wedding never go out of style in Bali. Garden wedding naturally have slightly relaxing ambiance, but can still be glamorous and stylish. Garden wedding is perfect for couples who want their wedding […]

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Elegant Minimalist Wedding Ceremony At Arnalaya Beach House Bali

Are you planning to host an intimate wedding ceremony with elegant and minimalist decoration? Consider our client’s idea as your reference. Intimate weddings are more personal. With fewer guests, you can spend more quality time with each person at your wedding reception. It is easier to design exactly the way you want it to be.  […]

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Casual Wedding Ceremony at Angsoka Villa Bali

A wedding ceremony with relaxed atmosphere was held at a lavish garden with private pool and beautiful beach as backdrop. A comfortable setting was set for the couple and the guest. Effortless decoration with greenery and fairy lights that warmed up the ambience. The elegant casual wedding ceremony is a thing of beauty where everyone […]

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Futuristic Birthday Party At Sohamsa Ocean Estate Bali

There are endless options when it comes to birthday party themes. All of us may desire something lavish and unique for our special day. Let your imagination run wild! As Bali event vendor we will help you to realize your vision into reality with our cool production. One of our client has threw a futuristic […]

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